Revel Entertainment is the brain child of Marshall Kudi. Prior to creating the Bebe Zahara Benet brand, Kudi worked as an event specialist. Planning events and creating special moments for people came natural for him, and his inclination for the logistical and creative resolve necessary to succeed in the field was sparked by his mother who also coordinated events. “I always knew I wanted to do something that had to do with celebrations and planning special moments with people,” he recalls.

After moving to New York City, Kudi began crafting his own productions. He was constantly asked about what went into creating the off-Broadway spectacles he was known for bringing to the nightlife scene. The adulation served as reassurance that event production was indeed his calling.

After six years in New York City, Kudi relocated to Minnesota and began exploring the market. He discovered that there was a void in services for discriminating clientele seeking experiences that weren’t cookie cutter or one size fits all. Kudi filled that void with Revel Entertainment, an international, boutique event production agency with a passionate team of creative professionals. His zeal for creating, keen skill for conjuring illusions and proven ability to craft large-scale productions make Revel unlike any of its contemporaries—locally or abroad.

“We start outside of the box,” Kudi explains. “That’s ground zero for our team. Everything else that follows is cutting edge because we don’t begin in the safe zone.”